My name is Zoey and as well as being the Palmers Green joint Club Chairperson, I am also the Club Safeguarding Officer. I have been a member of the Club for around 18 years and I am a player, umpire and coach. In my day job I am a Social Worker who works with children, I hope the skills and experience I have developed at work will help me in this important Club role.


Palmers Green Netball Club want to ensure that all young people who play netball feel safe and enjoy their netballing activities. We want to make sure that young players and the adults who look after them know who to talk to when they have a concern or worry about something.

Palmers Green adopts the England Netball Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.

In these policies, England Netball describes Abuse;

‘What is abuse?

Abuse is a term used to describe the ways in which young people may be harmed by others. 

It can happen inside and outside the home, but wherever it happens, everyone has a responsibility to act to protect the child from harm. Abuse results in harm to young people’s physical, mental or emotional health and/or development.

It can be committed by an adult or another child/young person, and be by way of an act or a failure to act.’

If you have a concern about a child’s welfare please get in contact straight away. I am also a regular face at training and at Broomfield Park. If you can’t find me, please speak to any of our Club Coaches or committee members who can pass on your concern.

We want all of our young people to enjoy netball and we love parents to support them on the side lines. Please watch this short video clip.